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MHR - For a Better Future

MHR is a company specializing in the field of human resources and is a licensed intermediary for the recruitment of staff for employment in Germany.

At MHR we believe that people are the key factor for the success of any business. That is why our objective is providing the applicants with excellent work and living conditions and the opportunities to exercise their profession with dignity. We strive to create a bridge between our applicants’ dream job and the need for well trained and motivated staff for our business clients. The satisfaction of both sides is a sufficient confirmation for doing a good job on our part. Together, we are building a better future.

Why MHR?

With our partners from other countries, our team has organized more than 4,500 seasonal and permanent workers for Bulgaria and Germany. We find the highest quality employees; we train them and prepare them for their future job according to the employer’s requirements; and at the same time, we organize and support them when they start their new job.

MHR is a licenced intermediary at the Employment Agency (Certificate № 2932) as per the Bulgarian legislation and strictly adheres to all legal regulations.

MHR’s team is composed of well-trained multi-lingual professionals with many years of experience abroad who are well acquainted with the challenges of moving to a new place, with living and the professional requirements in Germany.

MHR’s experience is also the reason why we can take excellent care when processing and forwarding all the paperwork, why we will be a reliable partner of the job applicants when organizing and providing activities connected to the initial steps and we will accompany the approved employees during the subsequent stages of their career development.

We recruit staff in different sectors:

  • Medical nurses
  • Caregivers for sick and / or old people
  • Physicians
  • IT specialists
  • Drivers
  • Construction workers
  • Welders
  • Engineers
  • Hotel employees
  • Cooks
  • Waiters
  • Entertainers

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