Better work conditions. Better pay.

Are you looking for better work conditions, better pay, better opportunities for personal and career development?

Our partners in Western Europe are approved companies with traditions established over many years and offering high pay, exceptional care of the appointed staff and flexible working hours taking into account the employees’ family needs. With their social packages comprising health, social and additional pension security as well as free training, public transportation, gym, massages etc, our business clients offer the job of your dreams. Do not hesitate to make the first step for a better future in a place where you will be able to exercise your profession with dignity and where you will be respected and appreciated!

Our services are completely free for you as it has been stipulated by the law.

Are you worried about the challenges of moving abroad? You can rely on our support.

Everyone may have doubts about being happy, coping with the job, having chosen a solid employer, receiving support in the everyday activities in the new place, especially at the beginning.

MHR’s team is aware of the challenges of moving to a different country, getting to know a foreign culture, organizing the everyday life in a strange place. We are familiar with the possible fears, worries and difficulties which accompany such a change in your life.

Our mission is to support you and to take care of your better future.

In order to help you feel prepared, confident and happy with your decision, you will be offered training before your departure. The training will allow you to show your skills, obtain the desired information and get to know the requirements and duties of the new job.

MHR’s team will also take care of preparing and forwarding all paperwork and will be a trusted partner in the organization and the provision of activities related to the first steps in the new place.

Trust us

You will be met upon your arrival and taken to your accommodation. You will have a couple of days to familiarize yourself with the city, to investigate the public transportation, discover the nearby shops and also to get to know your future employer and colleagues. We will also provide you with the needed assistance when opening a bank account, arranging a health insuring and registering with the municipality.

We shall also remain at your disposal when you start working. You can contact us for any issues or difficulties that may arise and we will be there to help.

You can apply with us by emailing us a CV following the European standard with a photo to:

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